Making Money from Honey is an advanced beekeeping course offered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by two seasoned Alberta beekeepers – Neil Bertram and Ron Miksha. The course will not teach you how to light a smoker or find a queen, but instead will help you earn an income from beekeeping.

Our day-long course can’t possibly cover every aspect of the finances, rules and regulations of running a beekeeping business. Consequently, we are posting some important links to websites that may help you keep your honey farm operating legally and efficiently.

Insurance and Liability

Alberta Enhancements to Crop Insurance

AFSC Honey and Overwintering Insurance

Liability Insurance through Alberta Beekeepers Commission membership

Honey Inspection and Certification

Government of Canada Honey Regulations

CFIA Honey Inspection Manual

CFIA Honey Establishment Inspection Procedures

Canadian National Food Safety, Biosecurity, and Traceability – as relating to honey

Honey Label Laws

Canadian Government Honey Label Regulations

Example Honey Label

Alberta Beekeeping Inspection and Registration

Province of Alberta’s Bee Act

Alberta Beekeeper Registration Form

Honey Price Updates

Skamberg’s World Honey Report

USDA March 22, 2016 Honey Prices and Production Report


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